Aselia Bluespirit



Attack Great
Defence Average
Resistance Average?


Skill level Attacks Defense Support
1 Leap Attack I Water Shield I Ice Banisher I
2 Leap Attack II Water Shield II 5 Ice Banisher II 4
3 Impulse Blow I 8 Water Shield III 7 Ice Banisher III 9
4 Impulse Blow II 11 Water Shield IV 12 Ether Sink I 13
5 Fury I 14 Water Shield V 15 Ice Banisher IV 18
6 Heaven Sword I 17 Water Shield VI 19 Ether Sink II 23
7 Heaven Sword II 22 Water Shield VII 24 Ice Banisher IV 26
8 Leap Attack III 25 Water Shield VIII 29 Ether Sink III 30
9 Leap Attack IV 28
Eternal Skills Eternity Remover Aura Photon Barrier Possesion
Traits Siphons mana with each melee hit (30% of dealt Damage)


Main Charactor Yes

Eternity Sword

She wields "Existence", a sword with a long handle, long like a spear.


She is quiet, speaks minimally, shows no interests a part from those related to her purpose of fighting. But after meeting Yuuto, she has slowly started to change, by showing a broader range of emotions.


Games? Eien no Aselia

The SpellSword isn't holding a sword, but summons one just when attacking, instead. That sword has the sprite of the starter sword, but the powers of your equipped sword.


Aselia routeEdit


During her route, she and Yuuto attempts to sneak in Slegid, but they are confronted by Takios the Black Blade. They are overwhelmed, but by combining the power of their swords, they are transported back to Earth. But on Earth, the lack of mana sickens Aselia so Yuuto asks help from Kotori to nurse the spirit. He also receives a letter from Tokimi instructing him how to return to Phantasmagoria. However, Temuorin and Takios captures Kotori and torments her. Enraged, Yuuto engages them, but looses his chance to return to Phantasmagoria. Nevertheless, Yuuto tries but causes Aselia to surrender her Mind to her sword.

Aselia and Yuuto are sent to Sargios where they must retreive some research data left behind by Youtia. They succeed but Aselia goes berserk and kills enemy spirits with ease but falls unconscious.

Yuuto drags Aselia into the Sealed Forest of Misure then hides her in a cavern. He ask "Desire" if it can wake her up, the sword says he can, but Yuuto will have to defend himself without his Etranger powers.

Yuuto manages to defend himself without his Etranger powers but will soon be overwhelmed, but Aselia manages to free herself from her sword's control with the help of "Desire" and rescues him.

After the defeat of Akitsuki Shun and the birth of rebirth of "World", Yuuto intends to become an Eternal to stop it but cannot because he has to take care of Kaori. Kaori then tells Aselia to take care of Yuuto in her stead, so that he may pursue his desires.

When Yuuto rejoins Tokimi in order to become an Eternal, Aselia rejoins him.

During her trial, the Eternity Sword "Eternity" asks Aselia why does she want to become an Eternal and surrender herself to the fate of the sword a second time, she answer that since Yuuto will live to protect everyone and everything, she will live in his stead for him. "Eternity" is satisfied with her answer and acknowledges Aselia as her wielder, becoming "Aselia the Eternal".


Aselia the Eternal and Yuuto the Sage conceived a child, a daughter called Euphoria the Everlasting, an Eternal like her parents, wielding the staff-shaped Eternity Sword "Permanence".

Since Euphoria is the first Eternal to be born, her parents wonder how they will explain Euphoria's presence to the other Eternals.

But before that, they teach Euphoria how to introduce herself politely to Tokimi, by addressing her as "Oba-san".

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