Life ??
Attack Good
Defence Great
Resistance Very Low


Skill level Attacks Defense Support
1 Strike I Accurate Block I Earth Prayer I
2 Strike II Accurate Block II Wind Whisper I
3 Power Strike I 10 Accurate Block III Harvest I 8
4 Power Strike II 14 Accurate Block IV 9 Earth Prayer II 12
5 Lightning Strike 17 Wind Whisper II 15
6 Lightning Strike II 21 Accurate Block VI 16 Harvest II 18
7 Sonic Strike 24 Accurate Block VII 22 Wind Whisper III 223
8 Sonic Strike II 28 Accurate Block VIII 29 Revive 26
9 Harvest III 27
10 Gaia's Bless 30
Eternal Skills Nature's Force Absolute Angel's Prayer
Traits Siphons mana with each melee hit (30% of dealt Damage)


Main Charactor Yes

Eternity Sword



Games? Eien no Aselia


Esperia routeEdit

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