Oruphaliru Redspirit is one of the heroines of Eien no Aselia, but she insist being called "Orpha".

Eternity SwordEdit

She wields the double blade "Idea".


She is a carefree girl and she doesn't like formality.

She delights in killing other spirits, until Yuuto attempt to make her value life.

Oruphaliru routeEdit


During the invasion of Malorigan, Orpha's pet Hakute follows her, bothering greatly Yuuto. He tells her to take care of it, but during a battle, Hakute is killed. Since it is not a spirit, it leaves a corpse behind, not dissolving into mana mist. At first, Orpha denies its death despite the cold body, but Yuuto makes her realize the frailty of life since spirits are overpowered beings. When they go back to Rakios, Orpha continues to count the spirits she killed, but with the intent of digging a grave for each spirits who died during the war.

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